Griffin Decorative Arte

Our reputation for being masters of innovative faux finish in Vancouver has been established through years of experience at Griffin Decorative Arte.

We’re known for being imaginative with our techniques: able to use familiar, classic approaches to decorative finish in Vancouver where our customers want to but willing and able to add an innovative flavour to the traditional as well.

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    Depth and character come from multiple layers of colour in this treatment.

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    From smooth and polished to rustic, plasters can produce a stunning variety of effects for your walls and ceilings.

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    Antique Finishes

    New or old, wood or otherwise, we can unify your design elements with a shared, timeless look.

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    The distinctive shimmer of gilded surfaces catch the light differently than any other decorating technique.

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    Composition Ornament

    Let us help you capture the timeless beauty of classical, hand-carved shapes from a variety of historical eras.

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    From small to large, contemporary to classic, murals offer a unique touch to any home.

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    Trompe l’Oeil/Grisaille

    Trickery of the eye is the hallmark of this centuries-old decorating style, popular since the French Renaissance.

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    Let us help you blend designs and patterns of furniture pieces from different eras.

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    Decorative Resins

    Sophisticated new looks or subdued classical flavours are all possible using these innovative new products.


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